Wild in the Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle - William Furniss Photography

Wild in the Jungle Jigsaw Puzzle

This art puzzle is created from photographs of letters taken of Hong Kong’s beautiful neon signs. I collected the images over many years; many of the signs no longer exist.

With this neon alphabet I have created a jungle of neon letters to represent the city of Hong Kong, then to illustrate Hong Kong’s beautiful natural environment, I have hidden the names of 42 different HK native wild animals in the grid of letters. Finally the artwork has been cut into a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. My concept is to express the wonderful relationship that exists between the city and nature, a relationship unique to Hong Kong.

Can you solve the jigsaw puzzle and then find the animals? The names of the animals are printed on the box if you need help. This fun artwork puzzle is 24x18 inches in size and takes one person around 5 hours to complete. 

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