Pawn Shop Sign Montage - William Furniss Photography

Pawn Shop Sign Montage

The pawn shop was one of Hong Kong's first financial institutions and there are still 240 of them active today. The basic sign design features a bat, wings outstretched, carrying a coin in its mouth. Bat is "fuk" in cantonese which also sounds like the word for luck, so the pawn shop sign signifies lucky money. Their are many beautiful variants of design and colour in Hong Kong. In this multiple exposure image I shot over the course of one evening in Wanchai, Jordon, and Mong Kok, using tripod, long lens, and black card to mask unwanted areas of each overlapping shot. I have been asked why not just lay it out in photoshop? Well where would the fun and challenge be in that?

This is an archival pigment print on a beautiful lustre paper. Limited edition, signed and numbered on the back of the print. It is shipped in a tube.


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