Crosstown, Manhattan, 1999 - William Furniss Photography

Crosstown, Manhattan, 1999

The contact sheet traditionally was how we delivered our images for client selection when I first started in photography; the thing itself is very attractive to me and allows for many narrative and compositional possibilities, I was a winner of the International Photography Awards Film and Analogue Category in 2019 for this contact sheet body of work.

This is a day long journey across Manhattan from George Washington Bridge in the north west to Brooklyn Bridge in the south east. I had to shoot this many times to get it right, sometimes because I messed up often because the weather would change to much over the course of a day for the image to stay coherent. I am always interested in pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with this style of photography and New York lent itself to my idea.

This is an archival pigment print on a beautiful baryta paper. Limited edition, signed and numbered on the back of the print. It is shipped in a tube.

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