5 Hong Kong Double Sided Puzzles - William Furniss Photography

5 Hong Kong Double Sided Puzzles

This is a 500 piece 18x24 inch double sided jigsaw puzzle.

On the front, "Polaroid, Peak View" a black and white photograph taken from Lugard Road on the Peak. Shot using Polaroid Type 55 film, I scanned the negative before it was washed so all the chemical residue of the process is still visible. This makes for a uniquely textural image, and a beautiful and unusual photographic puzzle.

On the back, "Kwun Tong #1" a nighttime photograph of colourful city lights reflected in the surface of Kwun Tong Typhoon Shelter. Typhoon shelters are the place to moor when hurricane force winds are bearing down on Hong Kong. As the shelters' surfaces tends to be quite glassy and calm they offer a unique photographic opportunity to record the city in a wonderfully abstract way, and capture its profound relationship with water. This may make for quite the challenging puzzle experience.

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