New York Taxis, Corner of 23rd and 6th, 1999 - William Furniss Photography

New York Taxis, Corner of 23rd and 6th, 1999

The contact sheet traditionally was how we delivered our images for client selection when I first started in photography; the thing itself is very attractive to me and allows for many narrative and compositional possibilities, I was a winner of the International Photography Awards Film and Analogue Category in 2019 for this contact sheet body of work.

Photographed at the corner of 23rd and 6th in Manhattan, on a cold winter's morning in 1999, this is a multiple exposure work created in-camera, by intentionally overlapping frames across a whole roll of film. The piece was created using my Afga Isolette camera. Presented in the style of a contact sheet, the film was digitised in one continuous strip on a very large flatbed scanner.

My inspiration for this work comes from the movie Splash, in which Tom Hanks' character spontaneously takes a New York taxi over 200 hundred miles, to find his mermaid love in Cap Cod. This example of the freedom of choice inherent in city life had a profound effect on me. In this image the taxis represent many different possible choices and outcomes.

This is an archival pigment print on a beautiful baryta paper. Limited edition, signed and numbered on the back of the print. It is shipped in a tube.

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