Manhattanhenge, 1999 - William Furniss Photography

Manhattanhenge, 1999

The contact sheet traditionally was how we delivered our images for client selection when I first started in photography; the thing itself is very attractive to me and allows for many narrative and compositional possibilities, I was a winner of the International Photography Awards Film and Analogue Category in 2019 for this contact sheet body of work.

In July 1999 I was struck by the way the sun would line up on Manhattan's cross streets in the evening. Thinking there would be an interesting photograph in this I devised a plan to run up 5th Avenue shooting west along the cross streets from 26th to 58th Street as the sun was setting. The whole shoot lasted for 40 minutes. I determined that I would shoot the sun touching the pavement at 43rd St. I shot an Agfa Isolette and wound on only half a frame at a time. It worked out just once, I have tried this again many times. Sometimes you stumble upon a high point in your career and this is one of mine.

Later this phenomenon became known as Manhattanhenge.

This is an archival pigment print on a beautiful baryta paper. Limited edition, signed and numbered on the back of the print. It is shipped in a tube.

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